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Sharing favorite places, movies, books, playgrounds, travel destinations, and more has helped our family have great experiences.

We want to share with you ministries that have made an impact in our lives throughout our lives.

Check them out and comment below some of that you would recommend!

Eyewitness Bible Series - I watched my first episode during the Passion Week / Easter 2021. While searching for shows on the death and resurrection of Jesus, on rightnow Media, I came across a series that had a new video for each day of the Passion Week. The first video features a man portraying the owner of the donkey and colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This short video impacted me to such an extent that I began to cry two times as the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. Each following video in that particular series has had a great impact on our entire family. From there, we searched for more of these incredible series and found them on YouTube and on their website. Please take the time to watch them alone, with your family, and share on social media. It will change lives.  Click here for their Easter Series.

More coming....

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