Seek Peace

Do I intentionally seek to make peace with others? Jesus’ sacrificial life is our model. He made peace between God and humanity and between individuals. Being a peacemaker does not mean the same thing as being a pacifist. We are not to merely pacify or appease others. Our peacemaking integrates the message of the gospel. It is an intentional move towards reconciliation. Walls are broken down and the broken pieces are used in the rebuilding, just like in the Old Testament story of Nehemiah. The peacemaker not only avoids division, bitterness, and strife, but also takes steps daily that will produce peace in relationships.
(Rachels, T. R. (2010). Relationships and Ethics in Ministry: An independent-study textbook (Second Edition, p. 27). Springfield, MO: Global University.)

Take steps today to bring peace into your heart, mind, and body. 

Where do we have bitterness?

Where do we have strife?

Is there division in the family? at work?

What steps can we take to remedy these issues?

Start a journal and work through these issues. Pursue peace, it doesn't always just fall in your lap. It is worth seeking for and finding. 

We have the armor of God which includes shoes for the gospel of  peace. Why would we need shoes except we have to travel? It takes effort and forward motion to have peace in our life. Shoes protect our feet. 
The road to peace can be rocky, sharp, muddy, and smooth. God provides us His armor, including His shoes, to prepare us for the prepartion and journey to His peace.

and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace

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